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Stupid People Are Stupid

7/03/2011 13 comments

" the guards randomly move so its based on luck, not skill the guards isn't a God they should be able to die. an assassin without a gun? "

" The random nature of the guards' movement makes this game luck based rather than skill based. Disappointing "

" Add A Small RPG In a Small Town and you can accpet differental quest/assassinations "

" A Shop (every Kill takes some time, in the Shop you can buy better knifes) "
I just can't explain this. Some players want me to take away nearly everything from Ultimate Assassin that makes it Ultimate Assassin and add ridiculous things. They have been talking about not being able to kill the guards and not being able to use any guns but now they want guards not to move randomly. Are you kidding me ?

Guards follow fixed paths, extraction point appears on the same location everytime, kill guards from behind, have guns... I wonder if they would even like the game if I had made it just the way they wanted it to be.

I am aware of the fact that Ultimate Assassin 3 is not at its full potential yet but these are not the improvements it needs. Guards will always move randomly.


  1. :) Don't listen to them. Your game's concept is nearly perfect. And 1 Million plays in 5 days are screaming about it. Every small thing added or removed may ruin the fun. You did a great job on a Ultimate Assassin series. Don't worry. Good luck!

  2. why would anyone want to put a shop in the game or change it into a more RPG based game? This game is ment to feel simple yet challenging at the sametime.

  3. Listen to them. Your game is far from perfect. And 1 Thousand commentors are screaming about it. Every small thing added or removed may make the game more fun. You did a great job on the Ultimate Assassin series. Don't worry. Good luck!

    My point is that there are always things to be improved on. Whether or not you agree with the "stupid people", there is never a game that doesn't have things that could be improved or expanded upon.

  4. " I am aware of the fact that Ultimate Assassin 3 is not at its full potential yet but these are not the improvements it needs. "

  5. Benim bir arkadaşım vardı, Dynablaster'da deathmatch yapardık, hep yenilirdi, bahane olarak da ekranda random gezen canavarları suçlardı. O canavarlar hep benden taraf oluyormuş ! :D

    Boşver sen onları, oyun zor gelmiştir, geçemedikleri için random guardlara bok atıyorlardır. Newgrounds'da dereceye girmişsin, bu da oyunun iyi olduğunun ispatı zaten.

  6. Just leave to your discision

  7. Erman I have some question!
    I want to know about your profile.
    (not gonna use in bad stuffs.^^ just curious.)

    2.borned location.

    3.your first game.

    please take a comment fast Erman!
    p.s how to wrote private message to you in this blog?

  8. still question



  9. It makes us easier to reach him.

  10. so what i gather from this is that they suck at this game and decided to troll
    also the idea of a shop is so stupid and ruins the game but its not his fault that he was born with half a brain.
    i will admit, i sometimes rage a bit and wish you could add a way to kill gaurds(please do not add this for it will alter the games experience.....forever)
    P.S.my idea of a level editor wasn't bad right?(im the guy who proposed that)

  11. @piepei; players can't design levels. there is a pattern that allows guards to navigate the area. Level would be very easy or impossible to complete if I didn't use this pattern.

  12. Some funny answers I'd like to give to all of these questions:
    The green guy is the boss: a boss doesn't care about all the (false?) alarms in his cove, it's a blue guy job, that's what they're paid for!

    The assassin spent all of his/her money on his/her suit and for teleporting in and out that green guy warehouse. He/she can't afford pistol and bullets, so he/she stole a knife from his/her mother's kitchen.

    Our black assassin is a professional, and is paid to kill the green guy. Why should he/she kill a blue guard? Don't you think that those guards can have a family? Think of the children!

    The fact that blue men move randomly makes every game of Ultimate Assassin a new game. This game involves luck, but you need other skills to kill that effing green man without leaving a trace.

    I have just completed all the levels (not ALL the achievements - 360/450) and I appreciated every single game I made (even when I just had to hide in a corner and guards discovered me after 5 second of gameplay :)

    I wanted to ask for a level editor, but I see that it's not that simple to design levels/walking guards patterns.

    Anyway: great game, I love sneaking.



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