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Coming Soon: Reproduce

7/15/2011 2 comments

Reproduce is not a big project, it's not like Ultimate Assassin 3 or 2099. I started making this game because I wanted to play a game like this. Reproduce is a game about visual memory. At first, computer puts 5 blocks one by one in a random order and these blocks vanish within a second. Then player recreates/reproduces the same pattern. There is a time limit for placing every single block. Computer adds a new block to the patter in every turn.

What makes Reproduce addicting is that the game doesn't end when you lose, computer just starts from the beginning by placing 5 blocks in a new random order. This is non-stop gaming :)

Player can submit an highscore or end the game just by pressing space. Weekly highscores are shown right in the main menu.

I will release Reproduce in a week.



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