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Ultimate Assassin 3 Breaks 1 Million Plays in First 5 Days

6/29/2011 10 comments

That was fast. None of my games ever achieved this kind of success. It's because nearly everbody liked Ultimate Assassin 3, it's my highest rated game so far.

I know that I should've added more features, I should've been more innovative maybe. Ultimate Assassin 3 is the perfect version of its predecessor. It's nearly the same Ultimate Assassin 2 experience but much better. Again, a lot of people hated on the game because of not being able to kill the guards. Noone will be able to kill a single guard in a Ultimate Assassin game but players will be able to stun them in Ultimate Assassin 4. I haven't planed anything, I don't even now if I ever make a 4th game.

Ultimate Assassin is also my first trilogy. I had Zombie Defence 2, Planet Platformer 2, Lights 2, Red Car 2, Dangerous Maze 2 but never a 4th game in a series.

This list will change quickly, the game is not everywhere yet. For example, it's not on Addicting Games (yet).

Ultimate Assassin may or may not comeback with a totaly different game style with 4th game in upcoming years. You will know it if you visit this blog or follow me on twitter.


  1. well, how about this?
    You can kill guards in the game, but, if they found the dead body for guard, they'll send reinforcements to payback you faster. and if you kill another guard and so on...

    so, it means, you can kill guards, but as if they found that, your mission is getting harder and harder.
    what about?
    tell me in a comment mastermax. :-)

  2. You created your own engines?

  3. Yes I did create my own engines.

  4. Congratulations for your last great game Erman.

    The best part is that the game is not a clone, you are a great game designer as well as a very good programmer. Wish you good luck in the future.

  5. i'm fine with the guards taking random paths. but unable to at least stun the guards? it becomes a game where luck is needed to get "ultimate" achievement. so please use less guards/able to kill guards

  6. Who said that you need to get ultimate achievement? Achievements are not needed to unlock levels and complete the game. Those achievements just show the the level of success in every mission.

  7. Do you gonna make Ultimate Assassin4?

  8. To. erman haskan (the best game developer) ^^

    Hey! I have question.
    Do you gonna make only 'ultimate assasin' series?

    Try some different.
    like monster chamber.
    (it was your first 3D FPS game.)

    people will like ultimate assaissn series.
    but some of them want really new ideas.

    Please leave a comment. ^^

    -one of your hardcore fan.

  9. monster chamber was actualy a good game but controls were awful because it was in flash. controls are one of the biggest things that make a flash game successful.

    as you can see I make all kinds of games. and I am sharing this information just for you: I am developing a 3d flying game right know but I am only at the beginning yet. I am strugling with some hardcore geometry matrix coding shit. If get through this stuff I will actualy make a very good game out of this.

    Don't ask anything about it. I will share it on the blog if I solve the problems.

  10. Ultimate Assasin is one of the best games i know.It`s challenging,but should give fun not be easy.Ultimate assasin 3 is excellent,because it not only have much more levels,but also each level has achievments that creates intresting chanlenge.I also have some sugestion,wnich may upgrade(make more awesome) Ultimate assasin.
    Firstly Hardcore mode in wnich,if guard see you,he will kill you instantly(as in Ultimate assasin 1).
    Secondly restart misson button during it lasts should be added.
    Thirdly game may record your best time for each mission.
    Fourthly I think that victim should talk to you things as "Go away".If he/she see you it should activite alarm in my opinion.
    Lastly stealth mode(typical for ninjas and assasins) could be added.It makes that you move only with 50% of your normal speed,but your are invisible and not nocited by guards if go through their view range.Of course i think that some special guards should be able to see you even if you are invisible.
    And what`s obvious there should be more levels.
    Thank`s for reading.



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