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Games121.com on Facebook & Twitter

7/10/2012 0 comments

All the news about upcoming and released games will be on Facebook & Twitter from now on. There  might also be some posts on the blog when 140 characters isn't enough. Those post will be linked on my Tweets as well.





Upcoming iPhone Game: Reproduce

5/25/2012 4 comments

One of my more recent flash games, Reproduce is making its way to the iPhone App Store very soon. The iPhone version of Reproduce is more advanced and playable than the flash version. Reproduce will be available for free.

Guess Streaks & Mobile.Games121.com

5/14/2012 0 comments

My first iPhone game Guess Streaks is on the App Store and it's free. Get it now. It's a simple game about guessing. It was not ment to be a successful game, I developed it while learning.

You can get more info at mobile.games121.com. Yes I have a mobile section now. Stay tuned for more iPhone games.

Developing for iPhone

4/25/2012 3 comments

I have been learning to develop games for iPhone/iPad in last few weeks and I am able to make games for iDevices right now. All of my iOS games will be free and you will see some unqiue simple games along with the iPhone versions of some of my flash games.

My aim is to get experienced by publishing a few simple but fun games and later bring Ultimate Assassin to the iPhone/iPad :)

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