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2099 - Gameplay Guide

6/14/2010 60 comments

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Gameplay Videos

2099 was updated. Game gets harder and player earns upgrade points twice as fast now. New videos coming soon.

Enemy Types

Damage: 3
Health: 5

These enemies are not slow, fast, powerful or too easy to kill.

Damage: 2.5 Health: 3

Very fast but also very easy to kill. Except the beginning of the game, they won't be able to kill you. But they can push you through other powerful enemies.

Damage: 8 Health: 25

Very slow but also very hard to kill. They do a lot of damage when they reach you. You don't want to touch them.

Damage: 8 Health: 30

They are fast, strong and hard to kill. You won't see this kind of ships until reach the high difficulty levels.

Difficulty Levels

Enemy types, attack directions, timings... everything is random but all is actualy based on a smart diffuculty algorithm. Difficulty level that controls this algorithm increases slowly as you play. But some things never change. For example, they will never attack from right and left or up and down at the same time.

There is a certain difficulty level that no player can pass. It's very hard to reach it and you will be fully upgraded your ship and unlocked nearly every achievement by the time you get there. That level is impossible to pass, I am the developer and I can't manage to stay alive. But incase of a genius player (not a hacker) manages to pass it, I put there an even harder level.


You can't really mess up with the upgrades as long as you know what you are doing. Main Weapon is the most important part of your ship. Missle Launcher is also very important. Always keep the main weapon upgraded but you can't advance through the game much without upgrading other parts.

I highly suggest you to use your first upgrade point on upgrading the main weapon to strong machine gun. Don't upgrade the armor, repair center and engine until you upgrade the main weapon to level 4.

At very high diffiulty levels, there are too many enemies attacking you at the same time. Your blast wave gains a lot of importance at that times. It may become your best friend.

Upgrade Costs:

Main Weapon: 1 , 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 12 , 15 , 20 , 25
Other parts: 1 , 2 , 6 , 15

You need 213 upgrade points to fully upgrade your ship. It equals a score of 213*13=2769 kills.


You can unlock all the achievements by playing good and playing a lot. Except one: "Do 6 upgrades in one pause". It's so much easier to do this at the beginning. Start the game and play till you earn 6 upgrade points, don't use any. Then open the upgrade menu and upgrade each part once.

Main Weapons

Machine Gun does 1 damage per hit. Weak machine gun (level 1) fires one round per 4 frames. Strong machine gun (level 2) fires one round per 3 frames.

Cannon does 3 damage per hit. Weak cannon (level 3) fires one round per 4 frames. Strong cannon (level 4) fires one round per 3 frames.

Laser Gun does 5 damage per hit. Weak laser gun (level 5) fires one round per 4 frames. Strong laser gun (level 6) fires one round per 3 frames.

Plasma Gun does 7 damage per hit. Weak plasma gun (level 7) fires one round per 4 frames. Strong plasma gun (level 8) fires one round per 3 frames.

Rail gun always kills in one hit. Weak rail gun's (level 9) color is purple and it fires one round per 5 frames. Strong rail gun's color is red and it fires one round per 4 frames. Strong railgun is also more accurate.


Because of moving with a speed of 10 pixels/frame in the air, bullets may not fly through the direction you are aiming. In images, red lines indicate the direction of the mouse.


Every single explosion pushes away and damages the enemies around it based on the distance. Explosions don't damage you but they still push you away.

Missle Launcher

Regardless from the type of the target, a single missle can destroy it. Level 1 missle launcher fires one missle per 50 frames. Level 2: 40, level 3: 30, level 4: 20, level 5: 15. It's always harder for missles to hit the targets that are comming from the left side of the screen. Not a programming issue, moving right in the air causes this. (Left side has the lowest possibility in all directions.)

Blast Wave

It damages and pushes the enemies around your ship based on the distance. It's just like a huge explosion. Damage increases and it charges faster as you upgrade the blast wave.

Blast Wave damage multipliers:
0.05 , 0.07 , 0.08 , 0.09 , 0.1

Blast Wave charge speeds:
1/3 , 1/2.5 , 1/2 , 1/1.5 , 1

Armor damage multipliers:
5 , 4.5 , 4.0 , 3.5 , 3.0

Repair Center repair speeds:
0.2 , 0.35 , 0.5 , 0.75 , 1.0

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You can ask your questions about 2099 in the comment section below, I will be happy to answer !


  1. Make a new one with more upgrades. Maybe add drones

  2. nice guide and nice game :D

  3. More beams lasers rockets , bigger ship bosses ..etc

  4. I really love the game, everything is very simple, but very fun, you MUST make a second.

  5. awesome game, but i can't get past a score of 1200 or so. Can you put up a list of your preferred upgrade order, like point for point?

    1 point on main gun
    2 points on main gun
    1 point on missile
    4 points on main gun

  6. please add a checkpoint system.

  7. João Victor de CarvalhoJuly 7, 2010 at 4:45 PM

    a wave system and/or a save option would be nice for a future game..
    btw nice game!
    greetings from Brazil!

  8. I find the game enjoyable, but as has been mentioned in many other reviews, it is ridiculously frustrating in several aspects. Mainly upgrading only to bump into an enemy on the later stages in the game and dying from getting pushed back and forth, then losing all your upgrades. The foreground clouds are a nice touch, but they get in the way at all the wrong times.

  9. An excelent game.Maybe add a save system?

  10. have do you continue a previous game with all upgrades purchases that were made before

  11. Hey Mr. Haskan, great game. But PLEASE include a checkpoint system. I dont want to start all over again when I get killed.

    This is very frustrating.

  12. Please make a story about the last hope of thr earth and please make a checkpoint, if you want make a survival story without checkpoints.
    Please make bosses that spread small ships or or shooting with weapons, at least a energy shield upgrade, for hard situations and a epic ending with the last human for example making new or cloned humans to repopulate it, i dont know. buth please make a new 2099 with new fretures, thanks for see my coment.

  13. 2099 is a great opputunity to make games on its story. I am able to make games like 2099: the escape. But I don't have any plans right now.

  14. I really enojyed te game but I got twice more frustrated than entertained :(

  15. -Add checkpoint or at least an "upgrade save".
    -clouds are nice graphics, same as explotions, but really annoing when haveing many missiles and the skyies turn to black
    anyway, a second part would be great...
    thankz for the awsome game!

  16. you forgot to say something about engine upgrades

  17. There is really nothing to say about engine upgrades. It just makes the ship more responsive and faster.

  18. what program did you use to make 2099?

  19. please, please, please make a checkpoint/continue system. i absolutely love the game, but it is way to tedious to start a new game every time I die

  20. Checkpoints please!

  21. My first request would be to increase the dimensions of the play area. I realize it's part of the difficulty quotient, but it would be more fun if there was more room to maneuver. Would change the ratio of luck vs skill.
    And I agree with everyone asking for a checkpoint/save option, and pauses w/ notifications between waves would be nice.

  22. I reccomend first upgrade missile launcher - at lvl 4. Then Armor as the same time as Repair - lvl 3 or 4. And then Main weapon. Engine and Blast are not very useful...

  23. very good game look forward to seeing more any ideas in the works?

  24. Keep watching blog.games121 for new projects ;)

  25. Did you create the song that plays at the main screen or can I find it somewhere else?

  26. You will find what you are looking for at the launch screen ;)

  27. developer...... plz edit the game, 1 upgrade point per 10 kills, not 13. or cheaper to upgrade. plz do so, so we have more chance to reach the harder level.

  28. 10 makes it very easy. Look at highscores, many people gets great points.

  29. maybe you should make a game withe a story line bosed off the same story and game engine??

  30. there shoul be more upgrades for armor,somethimes the mause or the games dont respond well i aim to the enemy and 5 seconds later it still shotting to the air, hard level comes very fast,those enemies that have 25 hit points,they dont teally seem to have 25 hp, i last long shoting one with plasma gun (strong) and 20 secs. later it was still alive,i did upgrade de blst wave at it fullest and
    did not work really well,the ones that suppost to go "slow" go faster evry time i move, ok aim not saying that your game is bad,im just giving you some tips about the game that should change in 2099 2 , SOME TIMES THE QUALITY DOESNT MATTER GOOD GAME I HOPE YOU DO A 2nd

  31. this game rocks!!!!!!!

  32. Hey!
    Nice game!
    please make a save/load-mode.

    and another thing is later in the game, that i lose sight of my ship, when lots of enemies hit it.
    perhaps you can mark it yellow or red when it is hit by a enemy.

  33. Hey dude! Sweet game! I know people have been saying it over and over and over... and over again. haha. But It would be very convenient to have a check point here and there. But at the same time, it does make it a lot more intense to know that if you die, you're gonna lose every thing... So don't die! haha. I love this game so much! I just played and got the farthest I ever have! Upgraded everything all the way except for the blast wave and main gun. Don't listen to anybody who says the main gun is useless. I used to think so as well, but once you start upgrading it, you quickly realize just how awesome it is to have it. I always start with upgrading the missile launcher. I think that's the most essential part of the ship, but don't neglect everything else! Every part is super useful! Great job Mr. Developer! Keep up the good work!

  34. Mr. Developer,

    Your hard work and achievment paid off. I took 5 months in office support and customer service. I love computers. what is the most important part of being a computer programmer?

  35. Why dont you put the checkpoint that everyone is asking about?

  36. That is a huge change. I'll add a checkpoint system only if I make a sequel.

  37. you houed make a sequel.
    houe do you git sights to pout games on it and houw did you make this game. how old were you wen you made this game. if you make a sequel you shoud maket so thair is an ending. by the whay the game is awsome!

    jacob the awsome

  38. wow, are you really going to put a checkpoint?? well!!... you may also put videos about how to fully upgrade the ship, anyway... that's a very good guide, keep on, Erman Haskan

  39. I can't make that big of a chance on the game.

  40. I think that a achievement - reward system would be a huge asset in this game, eg. kill 1000 enemies, start with one upgrade point or don't get hit for 5 mins. and get 10 extra health at start

  41. This game is very good and very balanced. Every part of the ship is important and there are many different ways to build the ship because of this and it greatly influences the fact that you need to upgrade EVERYTHING. The difficulty of the game is balanced and the fact that the difficulty rises early means it take alot more skill than pure ship building to get into the higher levels. My only complaint is the fore clouds, they are pretty cool but they are an unnecessary annoyance. IF you make a second you should have a main story where there are checkpoints and the game eventually ends and keep another mode that is exactly like this game where the game keeps going on and there isn't an end and there is a highscore system.

    I give this game a 9.6/10

    Addicting 10/10
    Reply value 10/10
    Gameplay 8.8/10
    graphics 8/10 (please add some type of low/med/high graphics settings)
    Easy to learn 9/10
    Hard to beat 10/10
    Overall 9.6/10

  42. This is a pretty lengthy post but I want to express how I feel about this game.

    This game is how I found out about you and your games at games121.com. When I played this game I thought the designer was going to be the biggest genius I ever seen and that he would have some of the best games ever. When I got to your site my expectations kind of fell flat. Not to say your games suck, they are REALLY good (The assassins game is pretty fun) but compared to THIS game I would say they suck. I think this game could be a real gold mine. I REALLY believe you should make a second.

    Most of these people here don't see the pure genius in your design and difficulty skill. I LOVE the no checkpoint system, adds excitement into the game. But as you can see ALOT of people are whiners when it comes to games like this, they don't have the word TRY in their dictionary. So it would be best to put a mode with a checkpoint system in to put those people at bay.

    A difficulty algorithm similar to this one wouldn't be a bad idea. The only part of it I don't like is the small area, it isn't so much the small area itself but the fact you have to strain your eyes to see whats going on.

    I know that making a sequel to this game would take a while to make, but if you take the time to make the game really good it should be worth it. I almost GUARANTEE that if you made a sequel to this game that you would get 1,000,000 plays by the end of the first month the game comes out, with the help of addictinggames of course haha.

    I know you don't want to take a risk on this game, but let me ask you this, What's the risk? within the time you make the game wouldn't you have just made a different game? Please explain to me what the risk is exactly because I don't understand completely


    Went on a little bit of a rant their but that is what I believe.

    If you can't tell I am a BIG fan of 2099, I played it atleast once a day for over a month and got on the highscore board 7 or 8 times before it got shut down.

    Please reply back to me about my suggestions and sorry for the super LONG comment

    1. I agree with you, but i found this game on Kongregate. Still playing it.
      The concept is GREAT, i love it!
      I am waiting for a sequal, with maybe more stoyline, more upgrades, (differeculty settings?), (changllages?), and of course more explosions!
      Good Luck. BD

  43. By the way my names Cory (Same person who replied last)

  44. A checkpoint is a super idea.

  45. What do you think? Do the game progrmmers this?

    1. It's a good idead but it's too late for an update. Maybe in a second game...

  46. My strategy is to start by upgrading main to 3, then armor and missiles to 2, then main to 4, then everything else to 2. Then I up my main to 6, this period of time is pretty hard since your upgrading the main which takes alot more points, do armor 3 inbetween if needed, once main is 6 it gets easy, up everything else to 3 make sure you do the missile and armor first, then up the main to 8, once again it'll be kind of hard, now you get your armor, missile, and blast wave to 4, now it starts becoming 90% about skill and only 10% about your ship, Once you get to this point do it anyway you like, nothing is wrong but know that if you wait to long to upgrade the main you WILL die without a rail gun, also engine is more important than you think at this stage don't save it for last as I know most people do. It seems that the best strategy I've come up with so far is to aim your main weapon at the fast moving strong enemies to keep them back (or destroy them if you have the rail gun) and to let the missiles destroy the slow movers, your main focus should be the strong, fast movers. If the slow ones get to close and to many blast them with the blast wave to push them back giving you valuable time. My highest so far is 3116 kills, the blast wave is VERY important in the highest stages, the key to a high score is to learn when to use the blast and when it's not worth it yet.

  47. Could use a slightly larger game area, especially on the top and bottom (make the area a square?) since enemies tend to appear and hit you before you have a chance to see them. Making the little red "incoming" things more noticeable and appear maybe half a second earlier would also help. It's annoying to try to maneuver away from an incoming enemy only to have new ones pop out of the edge on top of you with no time to avoid them.
    Once you start getting hit multiuple times thats really it, because more suddenly appear, then you get pushed into another one which instanly kills you. Also theres not more room to manover or evade enemies. But great game enjoyed it loads 5/5 for me, love it. Good luck in continuing to improve this (hopefuly). Thanks for a great different game. :D
    Please add a save/checkpoint system.
    Maybe the tophies you earn can give added stat bounes? Eg, 5 tophies = +0.5 damage main gun. etc. :D
    Thanks for a great game LOVE the concept.
    I want a sequal.

  48. I really like this game. You put a lot into the movements through the air, pushing by explosions and the general feel of the game as if flying through a medium. Very nice, elegant design.

  49. This is a nice game. The game progresses great and is a load of fun. Do you plan on making a sequel?

    1. I have no plans on making a sequel but 2099 will be back with another game in the future.

  50. Great Game, I Love it!



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