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Monster Chamber - Gameplay Video

1/30/2011 0 comments

* I designed the levels for the video. The real game won't start like this.
* There are more monster types than seen in the video.
* At the first play, I died intentionally on the last level to switch to spas-12. I did the same thing at he second play to end the video.

Cursor was not recorded in the video but Aiming is done by moving the mouse on the screen. Left click to fire, R to manuel reload (Ak47 only) and Space to pause the game. Space can also be used for quick start on the main menu and for try again when the player is killed.

There isn't a special key to pick up a weapon. Player just goes near the weapon he wants to pick and looks directly at it. Monster Chamber is really simple and very easy to play but it is hard to complete the game.

You are going to be able to play Monster Camber soon.

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