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ScreenShots and New Informations (Latest Project)

1/02/2010 3 comments

These are some screenshots from my latest project. I haven't decided a name yet but scenario is almost finished.

I worked really hard on presentation. There is a short story squence at the beginning (first 3 images). There is a 3D rotating globe on the left and things happen as the lines come up. Then it zooms into somewhere on earth.

I am also using a unusual tutorial technique. Player doesn't learn how to play durring the game. When player loads the game on a page and starts it, it quickly launches a small tutorial before reaching the main menu. Player plays with a highly upgraded state of the ship while the game shows how to play. This is goning to be very enjoyable.

Remember, this is only the current state of the game. A lot will change at the release.

Click to view screenshots at original sizes.

You can find the gameplay video from the old version here.


  1. Wow, that looks very epic. Can't wait to see it done. It looks like a lot of 3d work. What are you using for that? Swift 3D? Unity 3D?

  2. I am using flash 10's and Actionscript 3's 3D abilities. All of 3D in the game are rendered in real time. You are also going to see some 3D FPS games by me in flash as well. Engine is ready.



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