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Ultimate Assassin 2 Breaks 5 Million Gameplays

9/05/2009 5 comments

Today, my latest game Ultimate Assassin 2 finally hit 5 million gameplays! If you haven't played it yet or you want to play it again, go here.

Top 10 web sites:
1- Addicting Games.com (1.200.000 gameplays)
2- Armor Games.com (800.000 gameplays)
3- Agame.com (250.000 gameplays)
4- Oyunlar1.com (200.000 gameplays)
5- Newgrounds.com (190.000+ gameplays)
6- Games121.com (160.000 gameplays)
7- OneMoreLevel.com (150.000 gameplays)
8- NinjaKiwi.com (140.000+ gameplays)
9- MaxGames.com (120.000 gameplays)
10- Kongregate.com (100.000 gameplays)


  1. Hi, i 'm new to game development, can you tell me how to draw the fan-shaped which the enemies use to scan the assassin

  2. dude i died in 5 hits not 7. anyway, grats its a pretty good game

  3. Hi, could you explain a little about how did you do the AI behind the enemies? It seems like you did not use A* pathfinding, but the cops can follow you, navigating around obstacles when you are detected. Did you use waypoints or anything?

  4. AI is very complicated but I can tell you that there is no waypoints, registration points or pathfinfing.



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